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How to send a message to all of your social contacts from anywhere for FREE.

send text message online free

Okay, so you have worked hard and now you have lots and lots of connections on Linked In, Twitter, Face Book, Space Book, SWOM and several
other social media sites.  It’s a big task going through your favorites, finding each site, remembering each user ID and password combination and
sending out messages on each platform. That could be a full time job in itself.

Well guess what, you don’t have to do that any more.  You have several options, but here is a great one that I use and it is totally free. The site that I use can be found at .  This site allows you to update over 40  social networks with the click of a button. You still have to set
all of the accounts up, but once that is done, you are home free.

One feature that I especially like, is not only do I not need to logon on to all of those sites anymore, but I don’t even have to be at my computer at all. This feature allows you to update all of your sites with a text message. Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days and who doesn’t have unlimited texting?  If you don’t, here’s an excuse to go out and get it.


send text message online free


Now, when you are out on the town and one of those brilliant thoughts pops in your head, you no longer have to try and write it down to remember itFree Web Content, just text it!! It’s neat and I use this feature all of the time. I hope this helps.

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