RED COPPER – Smart Omnichannel Messaging & KYC for the Blockchain Case Study by SMS-iT


GOAL: Red Copper is an NFT company, which designs and sells NFT’s on its website and at several marketplaces, including Open Sea. They wanted to include KYC in their services, in order to maintain their bank account with Chase Bank, as it risked closure because of the high risk associated with Crypto and NFT companies.

They also wanted to include instant receipts in their service, so that once a customer buys an NFT, a receipt confirming the transaction would be instantly sent to the customer and Red Copper.


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This according to Red Copper, would remove the frustrations of the extended delays involved in the completion of blockchain transactions, and also having to check the blockchain manually to confirm the transaction. And most importantly, it would enable easy tax filings and deductions for both the customer and red Copper.


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  • - Red Copper decided to subscribe to the Pro Decentralized Version, to improve scalability to the maximum while decreasing cost simultaneously.
  • - Red Copper then configured their SMS-iT Decentralized Gateway using their SIM Card.
  • - Red Copper then connected their website to the SMS-iT platform, using Zapier.
  • - Red Copper then included a Mobile Phone number field at the checkout page for their services, to collect the phone numbers of buyers, which is automatically added by Zapier, to the Group they created in the SMS-iT platform. This is to further aid KYC performed via phone records.
  • - Red Copper then created a Group named NFT Customers, in its AI Control Panel of the Pro Decentralized Version.
  • - Red Copper then inserted the SMS-iT API for sending messages to Groups, into their NFT Smart Contract code, which is automatically triggered once a cryptocurrency is sent to their Smart Contracts.

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Red Copper saw a 1500% increase in sales, within the first month of implementing their KYC and receipts goal with SMS-iT. They were also offered a $2million line of credit by their bank, as they were re-classified from a high-risk company to a low-risk company.


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