XYiN AI – Intelligent Omnichannel Messaging for Internet of Things IoT Case Study by SMS-iT


GOALS: Xyin AI is an Internet of Things company, which manufactures smart gadgets and appliances that are all connected in an IoT ecosystem.

They wanted to integrate smart omnichannel messaging into their IoT ecosystem, so that their smart gadgets and appliances could all communicate using messaging.

They specifically wanted to:

  • - Enable their smart products to automatically place orders on behalf of their owners, following preset preferences. Eg, they wanted their Smart Fridge, to automatically place an order for your Milk, when it is 10% empty, at your preferred online store, eg Amazon, and alert you via SMS, MMS or Email of the purchase, as per your preferred mode of communication.
  • - They also wanted to have their Smart Camera alert you when the item is at your door, so that you can pick up your milk and place it in your fridge, to complete the process.
  • - Enable their smart products to seamlessly integrate into the real world work environment, by sending purchases, invoices, receipts, and alerts between each other via any preferred method of omnichannel messaging chosen by the user.


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  • - Xyin AI decided to subscribe to the Pro Version of the SMS-iT Decentralized Version for scalability and cost reduction because they expected to have over 1billion users.
  • - Xyin AI then configured the SMS-iT Decentralized Gateway with the Raspberry Pi already available in their IoT products, running the Android IOS, and powered by their in-house SMPP for their IoT ecosystem.
  • - Xyin AI then configured and integrated the SMS-iT programmable API of the Decentralized Gateway into the software app running on their smart IoT products, which brought intelligent omnichannel messaging into their products and IoT ecosystem.


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Xyin AI increased its sales by 4700% to $2.9billion, within the first 2months of integrating smart omnichannel messaging into their entire IoT ecosystem and products powered by SMS-iT.


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