KYLIE EATS – A Smart Database with 1Billion+ Records Case Study by SMS-iT


GOAL: Kylie Eats, a new restaurant, wanted to attract more customers. Across them was a more established restaurant. Kylie Eats knew that in order for them to compete, they would have to use a more aggressive marketing strategy, that delivers the highest ROI possible, within the shortest time period, which is SMS marketing.

However, Kylie Eats is a new restaurant, without a marketing list, to send SMS messages to, and with TCPA laws requiring explicit consent from SMS recipients, Kylie Eats was stuck on how to implement their SMS marketing strategy and win.

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  • - Kylie Eats decided to turn to SMS-iT
  • - Kylie Eats subscribed for the Cloud Version of SMS-iT and had access to the SMS-iT Smart Database, which has opt-in records of over 1billion segmented contacts of potential customers to target with marketing campaigns.
  • - As per the TCPA guidelines, Kylie Eats cold-called, emailed, and mailed thousands of relevant contacts from the SMS-iT Smart Database, requesting explicit consent to send their SMS marketing messages once per week.
  • - Within 2 weeks, Kylie Eats was able to build their TCPA explicit consent list of over 10,000 subscribers for their SMS marketing campaigns
  • - Kylie Eats then began implementing its strategic SMS marketing plan with its marketing list, by sending bulk SMS and MMS messages to their subscribers, while they kept building their lists with the SMS-iT Smart Database


smartdatabasepic1 min



Within 1 month of launching their SMS and MMS marketing campaigns using SMS-iT Cloud Version, Kylie Eats was able to increase their customers by 5277%.

After 3months, they had more customers than their established competition and had to temporarily pause their bulk SMS and MMS marketing campaigns, to increase their capacity.


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