SINOX – An OTP Two Factor Authentication Case Study by SMS-iT


GOALS: SINOX a blockchain crypto exchange startup, wanted to verify new users, secure accounts and transactions, and build trust with their customers, using OTP Two Factor Authentication.

They needed One Time Codes to be generated automatically, and sent to their users for validation, however, they did not have the infrastructure in their application that could automatically generate the OTC and also validate the OTC.


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  • - SINOX turned to SMS-iT, by subscribing for the OTC PRO Decentralized Version to keep costs low and scale, without having to pay for every message sent.
  • - They used SMPP to increase their sending speed and deliverability.
  • - They integrated OTP Two Factor Authentication into their blockchain exchange, by using the programmable API of SMS-iT Decentralized Version.


otp password verify



SINOX was able to seamlessly verify all their new users on automation, while securing accounts and transactions. This lead to a 1200% increase in their users within 2months, as they were able to build trust with their customers using OTP Two Factor Authentication powered by SMS-iT.


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