SMS-iT launches on Product Hunt!

SMS-iT just launched on Product Hunt!

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SMS-iT is a platform for brands that want to personalize customer engagement, reduce customer attrition & build sales leads with accuracy.

*2-way omnichannel messaging - Text/Voice/Fax/Email/Chat
*100+ Smart Features & Widgets
*Metaverse + Smart Marketing tools
* A.I.

- It all started in early 2021
- We launched an AI-powered email marketing platform in BETA stage, and users complained of SPAM traps, poor leads, and the 95% open rate of SMS vs 10% for email.
- With feed-backs received from users, we created SMS-iT to help marketing and sales teams reduce churn, generate leads with high accuracy, and engage with users using personalized interactive communications.
- Today, we have thousands of happy B2B users, with 3 awards, and dozens of strategic relationships.
- We are also preparing the launch of SMS-iT version 2.0, which is our Metaverse and Blockchain Protocol.


Smart 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging Platform, for Businesses, IoT, Metaverse, and the Blockchain.

Smart 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging Platform, for Businesses, IoT, Metaverse, and the Blockchain.


- Jack, the owner of N-Stones, wants to reduce churn, generate new leads and engage users.
- Jack, subscribes to SMS-iT, creates his campaigns, syncs his users, and configures several smart features.
- Jack, creates his store in the SMS-iT Metaverse.
- Jack configures interactive direct marketing, display ads and games to run on auto-pilot.
- Jack finally launches his campaigns for the Physical World and Metaverse.
- After launching his campaigns, Jack’s revenue increased by 310% to $180million in 4weeks.
- In the 2nd month, sales had increased by 2500%. His users also increased by 19% after 5 weeks.

- Paul, the owner of G-Force NFT marketplace, wants KYC to avoid closure of his Chase Bank account.
- He also wants instant receipts, for his NFT buyers.
- Paul subscribes to SMS-iT, and configures it.
- He then included a Mobile # field at his checkout page for KYC, which is automatically added by Zapier, to the Group he created in SMS-iT.
- Finally, he inserted the SMS-iT API into his NFT Smart Contract code, to send receipts to his buyers after purchase via SMS.
- G-Force NFT saw a 1500% increase in sales, within the first month of implementing their KYC and receipts goals.
- They were also offered a $2million line of credit by their bank, as they were re-classified as a low-risk company.

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