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Metaverse + Intelligent Messaging

2-Way Smart Omnichannel Communications

SMS | RCS | MMS | Voice | Fax | Email | Chat (IM) | Metaverse | Blockchain | IoT | Mobile Intelligence

SMS-iT is a platform for brands that want to personalize customer engagement, retain clients and build new sales leads with accuracy.


Smart features and integrations pre-built, to maximize customer reach, increase engagement, reduce churn, and power your IoT, Metaverse and Blockchain projects remotely.

  • CONVERSATIONS: Engage intelligently with your customers, using personalized interactions and trusted communications to reduce churn and increase sales, by managing all your bulk and 2-way ominichannel messaging, with one simple intuitive smart A.I Control Panel.
  • CAMPAIGNS: Intelligent 2-way omnichannel marketing on auto-pilot has never been easier — one simple tool with two versions for unlimited users; endless reach across SMS, MMS, voice, fax, email, chat Apps, IoT and the Metaverse.
  • SMART FEATURES: Over 51+ smart features with unlimited usage, for building lists, reducing churn and engaging customers.
  • SMART DATABASE: Search our smart database of over 1billion opt-in segmented consumer records, and build TCPA compliant consent lists to grow your customers and increase sales.
  • AI & AUTOMATION: Artificial Intelligence to manage big data, statistics and analytics, and Automation to automate work flow.
  • SMPP: Use your SMPP accounts from Twilio, SignalWire, Plivo and more.
  • 2 DECENTRALIZED GATEWAYS: In-built Twilio Gateway and Android IoT SIM Card Gateway available.

Intuitive APIs for human or machine-to-machine communications. Personalize each interaction and customer experience.

  • OMNICHANNEL MESSAGING WITH 51+ FEATURES: Extend the core functionalities of SMS-iT to your applications using HTTP or REST APIs, and bring bulk and 2-way omnichannel messaging and marketing, with 51+ features to your apps. Includes Zapier Integration to connect to 4000+ apps.
  • DECENTRALIZED VERSION: Use the APIs of our decentralized version to build messaging experiences for your all Apps, including IoT, Metaverse and the Blockchain, with SMPP, in-built Twilio Gateway and an Android IoT SIM Card Decentralized Gateway for sending unlimited messages.
  • SMART DATABASE: Use our database API containing over 1billion segmented opt-in customer records, to programmatically build TCPA compliant consent lists for marketing campaigns, IoT, Metaverse or Blockchain projects.
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Text Marketing,mms vs sms,scheduled text messages,sms online,messaging apps for android,sms messaging

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Expert Peer Reviews & Case Studies

Case Studies, Peer Reviews and Recommendations by Top Experts

Cuspera, the world’s top expert peer review site, has reviewed and recommends SMS-iT with excellent results.

11 buyers and buying teams have used Cuspera to assess how well SMS-iT solved their SMS Marketing needs. Cuspera uses 315 insights from these buyers along with peer reviews, customer case studies, testimonials, expert blogs and vendor provided installation data to help you assess the fit for your specific SMS Marketing needs

APP Integrations

Automate your workflows by connecting SMS-iT API to over 4000+ Apps via Zapier.


Already have SMPP by Twilio, Plivo, SignalWire, etc? You can use it!

Enable Super Speed for sending your SMS and MMS messages in your Decentralized Version account with SMPP. Also enable Voice and Fax broadcasting!

Now you can use SMPP provided by Twilio, SignalWire, Bandwidth, Telnyx, Plivo etc…, with your decentralized version account, while also using your decentralized gateway, to enable Voice, Fax and super sending speed for your bulk SMS and MMS messages.

Switch to our In-built Twilio Gateway with your Twilio Account SID and AUTH TOKEN, to power the Decentralized Version for bulk messaging & 2-Way conversations.

Simple and Clear steps

Configuring SMS-iT

In-Built Integrations

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What Our Clients Say

sms vs mms,free text message,sms receive,text from computer,email to text
Narwal Agro Engg. Works

Regular Customer

The whole process was very straightforward. I found the control panel very intuitive. I was able to sign up without a Credit Card with just few details, and then I was in. Very amazing and clean user interface. I strongly recommend it.

mms vs sms,scheduled text messages,sms online,messaging apps for android,sms messaging

Regular Customer

So I finally signed up for a Cloud Account after much browsing around. It took me less than 1 minute to get my new number. I choose a local number. Excellent job guys!

mms vs sms,scheduled text messages,sms online,messaging apps for android,sms messaging
Enrique Store

Regular Customer

Sending my first sms message, where I sent it to myself as a test, took me around 3 minutes, because I had to create a group, and then add myself as a contact. Honestly, it was very simple compared to other platforms I have used.

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Regular Customer

I needed a texting and emailing tool to increase my business. Thank god I found sms-it . Now I can afford to market like the big boys. They have been great and effective. I highly recommend smsit to every business.

android messages for web,forward text messages,email marketing,mailchimp alternative,drip campaign

Regular Customer

The cheap price of the Decentralized Version made me choose it. I used the instructions that you receive once you sign up, to set up my gateway with an Android phone I bought from MetroPCS. I spent roughly 10minutes completing the whole configuration process. At the end, it was more than worth it! Highly recommended!

android messages for web,forward text messages,email marketing,mailchimp alternative,drip campaign
Kamaree Enterprises

Regular Customer

I didn’t realize that the decentralized version could send out 30,000 messages within few hours. It blew my mind! I wonder how fast the Cloud Version would be, since it has Super Speed. This platform keeps blowing away my mind, as I keep finding out the power of its inbuilt features.

android messages for web,forward text messages,email marketing,mailchimp alternative,drip campaign

Regular Customer

The 38 features available are a lot! You must have spent years developing this platform. Anyway, I just wanted to say “kudos” to the powerful features. I used the QR code engine to create QR codes with the logo of my company in the middle, and then used it in my campaign and print materials. Amazing results. I already began marketing your affiliate link on my website, to tell my network all about this smart platform.

android messages for web,forward text messages,email marketing,mailchimp alternative,drip campaign
Tigule Technology Services

Regular Customer

Very excellent platform so far. I am now blasting out bulk mms messages. Support was professional and amazing. I am still trying out the platform. I would update this comment after I am done with all my tests. Thanks for the excellent support so far. Truly appreciated.

drip marketing,targeted email,email blast,email campaign,email marketing software
Steel Company

Regular Customer

I have been using SMS marketing for over 10years now, and this platform is truly different. Upgrading your plans is just with a few clicks. Same as buying additional numbers, sending out campaigns or using the features. Great job. Count me in as a loyal customer.





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SMS-iT is the #1 trusted choice of world-class businesses and organizations. Built with powerful intelligent features, SMS-iT helps everyone engage intelligently with their customers, reduce churn and build new leads, using the SMS-iT Metaverse powered by 2-way omnichannel messaging and augmented with A.I. Download SMS-iT now and start promoting your campaigns on the go!

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